Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment has several components. Most air conditioners have both an indoor and outdoor unit. If one or the other experiences total failure, it’s not as simple as a partial replacement.

The following problems can result from replacing just half of your air conditioner:

  • Mismatched units can hurt the AC’s efficiency. The indoor coil and outdoor compressor should have the same SEER. If they don’t, you won’t reap the benefits from a higher SEER unit. You’ll lose a significant amount of energy and money by running conflicting systems.
  • Sometimes mismatched units need different levels of refrigerant. Modern AC components often use more. Sometimes these use different types of coolant, making them dangerous to pair together. The best case scenario is an AC that runs all the time only to suffer in a home that’s too warm.
  • Mismatched units can shorten the life of both your indoor and outdoor AC components. The stress created by using different age equipment. Additionally, the SEERs, refrigerants, and construction quality can lead to an early failure. Make sure the units are from trusted manufacturers like Trane.

The replacement of your indoor and outdoor unit may seem at first like a hassle. There are several advantages including energy efficiency and others.

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