At Smoak’s Comfort Control heating and air conditioning in Mount Pleasant, we understand how important it is to have a fully functioning air conditioning and heating system. Here in Mount Pleasant, SC, the winters are rough and the summers are hot! You should have an air conditioning and heating system that you can count on. That’s where we come in. Our family-owned and operated business has served residents for over 50 years with air conditioning repair in Mount Pleasant, SC. You can sleep easy in your perfectly climate controlled home know that Smoak’s Comfort Control has your back.

How many busted air conditioner systems and how many hours on the phone with your heating and air company is it going to take before you decide enough is enough? At Smoak’s, we understand that your time is valuable! That’s why we are prepared to bring you the better customer service than any other heating and air company can offer.

Spend Your Summers Without Having to Worry About Air Conditioning Repair in Mount Pleasant, SC

The last thing you want to do in the summer is have to deal with your home being as hot as it is outside! Temperatures in Mount Pleasant can get well into the 90’s on a hot summer day. Who wants to walk inside your home for it to be just as hot as it is outside? With Smoak’s Comfort Control AC repair in Mount Pleasant, SC, you’ll spend your summers either enjoying the hot weather outside by a pool, or inside your cool, air conditioned Mount Pleasant home.

What is it that you like to do during the summer? Is it to relax by the pool or take a walk outside with your pets? Whatever it is you like to do outside, Smoak’s Comfort Control heating and air conditioning Mount Pleasant wants you to know that as soon as you are ready to get out of the heat, you’ll be able to with the most exceptional air conditioning system you could ever ask for.

What happens if your air conditioner does go on the fritz during a hot summer day, you ask? Rest assured, Smoak’s Comfort Control will be there whenever you need us. No matter the day or time, we will be there to help you with your concerns and questions and to make sure your air conditioning system is back up and running in no time. Our air conditioning repair team has the expertise and knowledge necessary to fix what needs to be fixed in no time at all. You’ll never have to worry about waiting hours for your heating and air company to call you back, or for them to come out just to tell you they don’t know what’s wrong! We have the largest air conditioning repair service team in Mount Pleasant and all of Tri-County area! We are proud to offer you to best air conditioning repair Mount Pleasant, SC has to offer. See for yourself.

Spend Your Winters Inside a Warm and Cozy Home Because the Best Mount Pleasant Heating and Air Company

Our summers may be warm, but that doesn’t mean our winters aren’t cold! In Mount Pleasant, SC, most winter days average in the 40’s. Brrr! Don’t spend your nights huddled up under 10 blankets, bundled up with a wool coat and thick woolen gloves. There’s no reason the indoors should feel like the outdoors when you use the best heating air Mount Pleasant can offer you! No matter how low it dips during the cold winter nights, Smoak’s Comfort Control can offer you the comfort of knowing that our heating and air conditioner repair Mount Pleasant, SC is the best that you’ll be able to find in the state of South Carolina. There’s no need for 10 layers of clothing and blankets with our trusty heating system.

Our machines live up to their reputation! They have received countless recommendations and recognition for being the best heating and air systems. We have also received recognition for our amazing services in AC repair Mount Pleasant, SC from Angie’s List for four years in a row. We want you to know that by letting our systems become a part of your life, you are doing yourself and your home a favor. We at Smoak’s Comfort Control Mount Pleasant heating and air are positive that you will have an outstanding experience with our products and our service. We are so sure of this that with our premier Maintenance Agreement, we offer a lifetime repair warranty and an emergency service line for if something goes wrong. We want to make sure that no matter what time and no matter what day it is, your needs are met completely and the necessary repairs are made.

Tips for AC Repair Mount Pleasant, SC

We want you to be fully satisfied with your heating and air products for Smoak’s Comfort Control. If you should notice any of the following on your heating and air products, please do not hesitate to give us a call! If you should find ice, strange noises, moldy odors or noticed a decreased air flow, these are all cause for a call into our AC repair in Mount Pleasant, SC department. Our goal is for you to be completely satisfied with your heating and air products. Contact us online or give us a call at (843) 556-9550 to start living in climate controlled bliss!