Sump Pump Services

Are you looking for professional and reliable sump pump services? Have you experienced flooding due to a faulty or broken sump pump? While it can be daunting to deal with flooding, having the right sump pump services can help minimize the damage and ensure your residence remains dry and safe.

Smoak’s Comfort Control offers a wide range of Charleston sump pump services, from routine maintenance to sump pump replacements to sump pump repairs and advanced diagnostics. These services can help identify underlying issues that can cause flooding, such as cracks in the foundation or clogged drains.

Learn more about our sump pump services and how our team can help keep you and your family dry and safe. Schedule an appointment or learn more by calling us at (843) 556-9550 or contacting us online.

Sump Pump Repair

If your sump pump stops working, we provide sump pump repair services to diagnose and repair the issue as quickly and effectively as possible. Common problems with sump pumps include clogged or damaged discharge pipes, malfunctioning float switches or check valves, and pump motor failure. Our plumbers have the tools and expertise to fix these issues and get your sump pump back up and running.

Sump Pump Installation

We also provide sump pump installation to ensure they function correctly and efficiently. Proper installation of your sump pump is essential for its functionality and longevity. Our team of professionals will install the sump pump in the appropriate location, with the right size and capacity for your home’s needs. We also ensure the discharge pipe is connected correctly and directed away from your home’s foundation to prevent water damage.

Sump Pump Replacement

If your sump pump is outdated or inefficient, our sump pump replacement services can improve its performance. If your sump pump needs to be updated or more efficient, we recommend replacing and upgrading it to improve its performance. This can include adding a battery backup system for power outages, upgrading to a more powerful pump, or installing a secondary pump for extra protection.

Sump Pump Maintenance

We offer preventative maintenance services to keep your sump pump in good condition. Routine sump pump maintenance can prevent it from malfunctioning and extend its lifespan. Our sump pump maintenance services include cleaning and testing the pump, inspecting the float switch, checking the power supply and battery backup, and replacing worn or damaged parts.

Sump Pump Emergency Services

Sump pumps can fail unexpectedly, especially during heavy rainstorms or floods. We’re available to respond to sump pump emergency services. We are quick to respond and provide solutions to prevent damage to your property.

Our Warranties & Guarantees

Like all our products, services, and equipment, we offer guarantees and protection on sump pump products and services. This will ensure you are protected in case of any issues or defects. Our guarantees on our work provide you with peace of mind and protection in case you experience any problems or defects. We also offer a warranty on our workmanship and any products we install, ensuring that you are covered in case of any issues.

Why Depend on Smoak’s Comfort Control?

Smoak’s Comfort Control has served the Charleston area since 1972. Over this time, we have remained a reliable and professional HVAC and plumbing company devoted to our customers’ complete satisfaction and comfort. Our team of professional plumbers delivers five-star experiences by providing you with friendly service and flat-rate pricing so you know the price when the work is finished. We want to continue making Charleston and the surrounding areas a beautiful and comfortable place to live, learn, work, and play.

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