When you enroll in maintenance agreements, you get savings on preventive inspections, select discounts and a handful of related fringe benefits. These deals differ widely between companies, so before you join a particular plan in Charleston, make sure you give Smoak’s Comfort Control a call. You’ll be glad you did. Consider the benefits you get when you join the Comfort Control Plan:

Priority Service:

Schedule your services faster than homeowners who aren’t loyal customers. Maintenance plan enrollees can call in day or night and be bumped ahead of everyone who isn’t a participant in the Comfort Control Plan.

Emergency Service, at No Extra Charge:

Smoak’s understands that many times the worst weather rages when we’re least prepared for it. Call in day or night, and you’ll have at least one friend willing to go the extra mile to get your heat back up and running. We won’t charge you extra for the visit either.

Discounts on Heating, Cooling and Plumbing Repairs:

Currently, homeowners enrolled in the Smoak’s maintenance programs receive a 15% discount on HVAC or plumbing repairs.

Lifetime Warranty on Repairs:

An outstanding service provider stands behind its work, so it’s no surprise to find one here. Commercial maintenance agreement enrollees have their own benefits. When you are ready to learn more about these benefits, our team at Smoak’s Comfort Control is here to help answer your questions.

Smoak’s plan is among the top maintenance agreements in Charleston. Save on inspections and lower your monthly bills while enjoying the benefits due to loyal customers. Sign up to enroll in our Comfort Control Plan today. Contact us online or call 843-556-9550 for more information.