Heating and air conditioning isn’t the only way to control your indoor comfort. If you’re experiencing cold or allergy symptoms while you’re indoors, or your home suffers from nasty smells, you may have contaminated air. Thankfully, Smoak’s Comfort Control makes it easy to take care of this problem without breaking the bank.

You can improve your indoor air in the following ways:

Upgrade your HVAC air filter.

If you’re like many homeowners, you go to the big box store when you need an air filter and purchase the cheapest unit you can find on the shelf. If that’s you, it’s time to pay attention to MERV ratings on air filter packaging. The higher the value, the more contaminants a filter cleans from your air. Those 4 or 5 rated filters you’ve been buying aren’t able to clear away most dust, let alone smaller particles capable of causing odors and health problems.

Increase ventilation to specific areas.

The V in HVAC stands for “ventilation,” and it matters in certain areas of your home much more than others. Vent hoods over the stove are especially helpful at clearing away the smells associated with cooking, especially if you accidentally burn a meal. However, these devices can be used throughout your home. You can vent your basement or attic and other little-used spaces to prevent a buildup of dust. Bathrooms are also a popular place for venting. Purging your home of moist or dirty air helps prevent smells and health problems tied to indoor pollution.

Use a high-powered air cleaner to take care of mold and toxic fumes.

Sometimes venting just isn’t enough. You may need an air cleaning device. Thankfully, there are highly effective and affordable units available through your HVAC specialist. These units can stand alone and range from industrial machines used to clear up mold problems to HVAC add-ons capable of cleaning all of the air moving through your ductwork.

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