Plumbing upgrades improve your experience as a homeowner. You can get more comfort and convenience from your home’s plumbing features, lower your monthly bills and use the improvements as a way to get more money for your home when you sell.

Consider all the advantages of switching out your old commodes with new low-flow options:

You can save 14,000 gallons of water a year, or more!

Traditional toilets offer big benefits over outdoor facilities, but they waste a lot of water in the process. New low-flow toilets can provide the same powerful flush of a traditional toilet while using fewer of the Earth’s resources.

You can shave about 1/3 off your monthly water bill.

Over time, that forgone water usage really adds up. Not only will you give Mother Nature a hand by swapping out toilets, your monthly budget will get a hefty boost.

You raise the value of your home through green enhancements.

Did you know an environmentally friendly property does better on the market by roughly 7 percent? You can use improvements like low-flow toilets and shower heads to attract buyers looking for the best investments on the market.

You’ll have a more reliable toilet.

While the very first low-flow toilets required two or three flushes to clean, the plumbing industry picked up the pace to meet the needs of new regulations. Most models are more than capable of delivering a powerful flush. However, there are also power-flush toilets capable of clearing both your bowl and drain line using just 1.6 gallons of water.

Charleston residents will be thrilled with the results of this simple and affordable plumbing upgrade. Schedule a toilet replacement with Smoak’s Comfort Control today to experience the benefits optimal bathroom plumbing services has to offer. Contact us online or call 843-556-9550 today, and say hello to more efficient flushing and lower bills.