Maintenance agreements are an affordable option for property owners who want to get the very most from their furnace and air conditioner. While how long your unit lasts has a lot to do with make, model, and installation, you can’t discount the impact of caring for your equipment throughout its life. So, how long should your furnace last, and how significant are those seasonal visits? Keep reading for the details you need to know.

Neglected HVAC Systems Burn Out in Record Time

Your furnace doesn’t really need much from you to perform at its best. Simply change the filter regularly and hire a trusted heating and cooling technician to perform a seasonal check. These affordable visits give the system a once over, checking for potential damage and removing the dirt and grime that wears systems down. If left ignored, it won’t take long for a component to fail and cause serious damage.

Poor Performance from Missed Maintenance Could Last

Unfortunately, the buildup of dust and debris can wear parts down permanently. Scheduling maintenance won’t be enough to solve your problems after years of abuse. You’ll be looking at expensive replacements of key parts, a need for in-depth duct cleaning, duct seam sealing and other work. It’s better to prevent it from the get-go by scheduling regular maintenance visits, like those provided when you enroll in the Comfort Control Plan.

EnergyStar Recommendations for Furnace Replacement

Typically, even a well-maintenance furnace should be replaced every 15 years. Do units last longer? Absolutely. However, according to ENERGY STAR, units older than that miss out on new advancements in efficiency and ultimately lead to energy waste and bloated costs.

Learn more by signing up for a Smoak’s Comfort Control maintenance agreement today. Enroll, and get the most value possible from all of your HVAC equipment. Worried that your furnace needs to be replaced? We can help with that too. To request more information or to schedule an appointment, contact us today!