In office buildings, repairing boilers can be expensive, but waiting can prove costly. Ideally the owner should have the boiler inspected by a qualified contractor every year. This is to avoid any unexpected emergencies. However, it’s usually on the coldest day that the boiler acts up. To avoid this, here are a few tips to see if your boiler needs to be serviced. Signs the boiler may need servicing:

  • Water leaks: If you find leaks, it could be that the valves aren’t functioning properly. A leak test can be routinely done with your annual inspection.
  • Cracks: If you find broken pieces and cracks around the refractory, it may need repair. It’s designed to help protect critical components of the boiler.
  • Non-Functioning Valves: Checking all the valves can confirm they are functioning properly. This includes the controls, indicators, low-water cut off devices, pressure gauge, regulators, indicators and pressure release valves. If any of them aren’t working, you should contact your boiler repairman as soon as possible.
  • Dirty Burners: If you use liquid fuel, your burners and fuel feed system should be cleaned regularly. If they haven’t been cleaned, this can result in inefficient combustion and uneven heat transfers that can raise your fuel bills.
  • Soot and Dirty Heat Transfer Surfaces: These areas need to be cleaned to minimize buildup. Soot residue can be a sign that it hasn’t been cleaned. It is important to have the soot cleaned for better heat transfer.

​When you inspect your boiler, look for any signs of erosion, corrosion or leaks that may be coming from the boiler itself or the external pipes. These should be repaired immediately to avoid a costly repair when you least expect it – in the middle of winter on the coldest day! If you have questions or need assistance with your office boiler, be sure to contact the experts at Smoak’s!