When it comes to plumbing issues, like water that takes forever to heat up, the underlying cause might seem impossible to determine. In reality, however, both the problem and the solution is usually easy to pin down.

Poor Pipe Planning

When water pipes are exposed to cold air and don’t have the proper insulation, the result is water that has to fight of that cold before the pipes can begin absorbing the heat. In addition, the more piping that was originally used to work around structural obstacles, the more time the water has to cool down before it reaches your fixture.

Of course, whenever pipes aren’t properly insulated, the problems of poor placement are compounded. In some cases, your pipe placement can be corrected with simple rerouting. But when that expense is too costly, adding protective wrapping to those exposed pipes can also make a big difference.

Incomplete Conservation Systems

Low-flow faucets and tankless water heaters conserve water and energy, but these environmentally-friendly systems can also add up to a cold-water problem when used alone. Low-flow faucets restrict the speed of hot water reaching your system, while tankless water heaters mean that the water you “call for” starts out cold.

Thankfully, comfort technology is keeping pace with conservation technology. You can now add specialized pump systems to the problem areas — such as under the sinks furthest from the heat source — rather than undertaking costly plumbing changes.​

The Solution is Within Reach

It’s often difficult for the average homeowner to determine the simplest and least expensive option to correct water that’s too slow to heat. Instead, let us help you determine the best solution for your slow hot water problem. Contact the experts at Smoak’s Comfort Control today to learn more.