Heating and air conditioning systems should last decades, but sooner or later you will need a new one.

If your home’s heating and air conditioning system is still working but not providing the performance and cost savings you need, it may be time to replace your current HVAC system with a new one. Here are three signs that indicate a new HVAC system is in order:

Sign #1: Your HVAC System Breaks Down Often

Even the most reliable HVAC units break down every now and again. With the proper maintenance, these repairs should be few and far between. But if your HVAC unit gives out at least once every summer and every winter, you’re probably going to need a new HVAC system. With the hot summer months coming up very soon, your old HVAC system might hit its limits.

Sign #2: Your Air Conditioner Doesn’t Cool Your Home Very Well

This is a clear sign you need a new air conditioner. However, don’t be so quick to buy a new air conditioner just because your home or business isn’t as cool as you’d like. It’s possible your air conditioner simply needs more refrigerant, which is very easy to handle and may restore your air conditioner to cooling the way it used to be. But if all the refrigerant in the world can’t help, a new HVAC might be necessary.

Sign #3: Your Summer Energy Bills Are Too High

Maybe cash is a little tighter these days. Or perhaps it actually costs more money to run your air conditioner. If your energy bills are higher than you’d like, the best way to lower them is to get a new HVAC unit. Depending on what new unit you get and when you had your current HVAC unit last installed, you should notice drastic and immediate improvements in both cooling performance and on your energy bill. Even though replacing your HVAC won’t be cheap, the cost savings you obtain should help it soon pay for itself. 

To find out more about getting a new heating and air conditioning system, or if you need to confirm a replacement is necessary, contact our team at Smoak’s Comfort Control online today.