Maintenance agreements serve as one method for maintaining comfort in your home this summer.

Maintenance Agreements are one way homeowners can meet the challenge of staying cool during the summer season. Other methods exist too. By using the following multi-pronged approach, you may find it simple and easy to keep your house cool this summer.

Plan Ahead for Your Cooking

One reason baking is so popular during the holiday season is because, in addition to tasty treats, you’re running an oven that keeps your kitchen toasty warm. This is great when it’s cold outside, but not when it’s hot. Therefore, when you need to use the oven during the summertime, try to choose a day when your windows can be open. This will provide you a way of circulating to the outside all the hot air your oven has just produced.

The same advice applies to those who need to do a lot of cooking on the stove top. In addition to the heat generated, a lot of water vapor goes into your home’s air. This makes the home more humid, which can make it feel warmer than it really is.

Keep Sunlight Out

Blocking sunlight from shining through your windows can keep your home a few degrees cooler than it would be otherwise. In addition to all that light comes heat energy from the sun. By closing your windows’ blinds or curtains, you can keep this heat out of your home. If you don’t have blinds or curtains, special films may be available. You can even go with the homemade solution of using a large piece of cardboard that’s shaped to fit in the window.

Circulate the Indoor Air

Whether it’s keeping windows open or a fan running, you can make it feel cooler inside without using the air conditioner. How is this so? Allow the indoor air to constantly circulate. While this won’t produce drastic results, and may not totally negate the need for the air conditioner, it can provide an opportunity to keep the air conditioner off (thus saving money) and still be comfortable inside.

Another way to stay cool this summer is to have a reliable air conditioner. That’s possible by enrolling in one of many available maintenance agreements. If you’d like to learn more about our convenient, cost-saving maintenance agreements, contact Smoak’s Comfort Control online.