You probably take your toilet for granted until you have a plumbing issue driving you crazy.

​Given all the advancements in plumbing, toilets have come a long way in the past few hundred years. Despite how effective and reliable they are today, they can still break down and fail. Short of a toilet flat-out failing to work, how can you tell if a toilet needs replacing? Here are some factors to consider as you try to determine if it’s time for a new toilet installation:

You Need to Conserve Water

Many toilets, especially older models, use a lot of water with every flush. If you are in a situation where you must conserve water, it may be worth the time, effort and cost of installing a toilet that uses less water.

There’s a Crack in the Porcelain

Once a small crack forms in the porcelain of a toilet, replacement is imminent. Even if the toilet continues to work, the crack will continue to grow until you discover a leak or even worse, the toilet breaks when you sit down on it. Leaks can be especially expensive since they can be slow and undiscovered until extensive damage has occurred in hard-to-reach areas of your home or business.

The Toilet Seems Dirty All the Time

As a toilet ages and receives regular cleaning, its bowl surface can become rougher. This can make it much harder to clean the toilet fully. If you’re at a point where your toilet appears dirty no matter how you try to scrub it, you may want to consider getting a new toilet.

The Toilet Needs Constant Repairs

Toilets have components that wear out over time. However, there comes a point where either the repairs aren’t possible, or they’re needed very often. While you can usually continue to do the repairs, it might be cheaper to get a new toilet and save money in the long run.

Try Comfort Height Toilets

If your toilets need to be replaced, you should consider replacing them with comfort height toilets. Comfort height toilets are designed with your comfort in mind. They are taller which makes them easier on your body. Personally recommended by William Smoak himself, these taller toilets are more comfortable to sit on and easy on your back and legs. 

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