Sewer line replacement is one of the many plumbing jobs that can cause major inconvenience and expense. Ideally, you can anticipate when this major plumbing work will take place. The following is a list of four signs that indicate a sewer line replacement is in your future:

Sign #1: Sewage Backups

A toilet will occasionally clog and back up. The waste lines of your home will sometimes get clogged, especially if an object, such as a small toy, makes its way into your home’s plumbing. When clogs and backups occur for no apparent reason, that’s a sign your sewer line has some damage, such as a cracked pipe or tree root intruding into the pipe.

Sign #2: A Slow Drain

Often, a slow drain is simply a sign that a drain or nearby pipe has a clog. A few simple tools can often remedy the problem. But if it happens often, it could be a sign that the sewer pipe has significant blockages that are causing the slow drain.

Sign #3: Unusually Green Patches of Grass in Your Yard

Raw sewage can often act as a natural fertilizer. If there is a sewer pipe located outside that is leaking raw sewage into the ground, it can have the unintended consequence of helping your grass grow.

Sign #4: Unpleasant Odors from within the Home

When a toilet has a backup, it’s pretty obvious and puts any homeowner on notice that there is a problem with a home’s plumbing. But not all backups result in an overflowing toilet. Occasionally, raw sewage that should flow through the pipes and into the outdoor sewage line or septic tank remains within pipes in the home. This can occur when there is a problem with the sewage line. As the raw sewage sits, it can release a foul smell that inhabitants of the home will surely notice.

If you think you may have a pipe blockage or require plumbing services to replace the sewer line, contact our team of experts at Smoak’s Comfort Control.