A very frustrating plumbing problem that many homes and business encounter is a strange sound coming from the water pipes. Depending on the cause and location of the problem, the sound can sound like a loud clank, vibration or rattle. The following is a list of three common causes for strange sounds from your pipes:

#1: Excessive Water Pressure

Most residential homes should have around 50 to 60 PSI water pressure for their indoor plumbing needs. If this pressure exceeds 80 PSI, it could lead to severe and expensive plumbing problems. It can also damage appliances that use water, such as a washing machine or dishwasher. Fixing this problem is relatively easy when a plumber can install a water pressure regulator at your water main (if you’re on municipal water).

#2: Water Hammer

A water hammer is the sound you may hear when fast-flowing water gets blocked. This can occur when a toilet’s water fill valve quickly turns off. Depending on the location of the pipe that experiences the water hammer, you can also hear rattling sounds. To fix water hammers, you need to find ways to slow the shut off of water. There are a variety of ways to do this depending on the exact cause of the water hammer. For example, you can install toilet water fill valves that shut off the water more slowly.

#3: A Loose Pipe

When erecting a building, the plumbing pipes are often in areas that cannot be easily observed, such as within walls, basements or crawl spaces. To keep pipes positioned and in place, they are sometimes held down with clamps. Occasionally, these clamps work loose. Then when water flows through the pipe, it can cause the pipe to move. The pipe rattles and shakes, causing a sometimes spooky sound.

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