Commercial services help business with their heating and cooling needs. Most business owners and employees simply don’t have the time to conduct routine maintenance or make repairs to the HVAC system. However, most individuals can complete the following tips and tricks to stay cool without setting the thermostat to a subzero temperature or calling for outside professional help.

Trick #1: Run Fans

By just moving the air around, the human body can feel several degrees cooler even if the air temperature stays the same. So instead of dropping the office thermostat by a few degrees, set up a handful of fans to create a constant flow of air. You can enhance this cooling effect by situating a fan to blow air directly on you or other occupants of the business.

Trick #2: Keep the Air Dry

One reason why the summers in South Carolina are so uncomfortable is the humidity. As a scientific principle, the warmer the air is, the more moisture it can hold. This, in turn, leads to higher humidity. This is why people suffer from dry skin in the winter; because cold air has so little moisture in it.

When the human body encounters high humidity, the air will feel warmer than it really is. That’s because the human body doesn’t actually detect temperature. Instead, it detects the speed in which hot or cold leaves or enters the human body. When the air is humid, heat leaves the body more slowly. The brain interprets this as feeling warmer. So you can cheat the brain to feel cooler by making the air dryer.

Most air conditioners will dehumidify the air, but if that doesn’t bring the humidity levels down far enough, a standalone dehumidify may be necessary.

If maintaining dry, moving air in the office isn’t enough to stay cool, consider using the commercial services from Smoak’s Comfort Control. Give us a call today, and an HVAC professional will come out to your business as soon as possible.