Do the holidays put your plumbing at risk? Avoid these common problems.

You probably don’t need a plumbing expert to tell you to avoid pouring grease down the drain. It’s all the other lesser-known clog creators you have to worry about. With holiday season approaching, you might be hosting meals for a large crowd or simply making a dish or two to take to family.

1. Coffee Grounds

Staying caffeinated during the holidays is a top-priority in many busy Charleston-area homes. Unfortunately, coffee grounds and loose ground tea leaves are among the most common clog-creators in the kitchen. Be sure you don’t get sloppy when it comes to cleaning out your coffee maker. Instead of rinsing components off in the sink, use a paper towel to wipe them out, and throw those grounds in the trash.

2. Stringy Vegetables

Also called fibrous foods, these string-like produce are part of many popular holiday ensembles, from casseroles to pot roast trimmings. Not only are celery, onion skins, artichokes and other thin-layered foods good at clogging drains, they’ll get caught up in your garbage disposal blades too. Keep them out of your drains, just like you would tree tinsel.

3. Common Carbs

​​We already know carbohydrates can cause the midsection to swell, but did you know they can cause similar trouble with your kitchen plumbing? Rice, pasta and other carbs that retain water will bunch up in your pipes, blocking water flow. Also keep in mind that small grains often escape disposal blades, so it’s best to use a drain filter to collect them and put them in with your compost.

If you encounter a plumbing problem during the holidays (or any other time for that matter), call our friendly experts at Smoak’s Comfort Control or connect with us online. We have the expertise and customer service you need to get your plumbing back on track fast.