Many people try to fix problems around their homes to save time and money, but there are instances in which you should rely on professional expertise. Here are three signs that it’s time to call in a professional plumber for your Summerville, SC, home or business.

Water Everywhere

If you find standing water in your bathroom, kitchen, garage, or laundry area, it is time to call a professional plumber in Summerville, SC. Water leaks cause damage to floors and other surfaces and make ideal places for mold and bacteria to grow. Subflooring may need to be replaced if the water leak continues over time. Using a professional plumber is the best way to go.

Sewage Issues

Imagine finding raw sewage in your kitchen sink or overflowing from your toilet. Signs of sewage backups and clogs can make your home unbearable, and these problems may lead to serious medical issues. If you notice that your toilet is not flushing properly, drains are backing up or sewage is backflowing into part of your home, call a professional plumber in Summerville, SC right away.

Leaks Behind Walls and Floors

You may not always be able to see signs of plumbing issues. What you can do is watch your water bill. Leaks that develop behind the walls and floors or in the plumbing lines across your yard increases the amount of water that you use each month.

How to Find a Qualified Plumber

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