The air conditioner and heater in your home are critical to your everyday comfort and health. You rely on them to keep you cool or warm depending on the season. You cannot risk this system breaking down and leaving you without the heating or AC that you need to remain comfortable at home.

Rather than maintaining or repairing this system on your own, you can hire a professional contractor to take care of it for you. These tasks are some to entrust to a business that offers HVAC repair in Charleston, SC, today.

Refilling Coolant

When your air conditioner blows out hot air, it could be the result of low coolant. The unit needs Freon to cool and blow out cold air into your home. When the Freon is low, the system cannot cool the air and instead blows out hot air.

Your repair contractor can charge the unit where they refill the freon to the appropriate level. Then drain the lines to get rid of hot air and make way for the newly cooled air that the unit makes.Your contractor can also change out filters in the unit, which is critical for the flow and volume of air in your home. The filters should ideally be changed every six months.

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