Most homeowners don’t want to call a plumber in Sullivan’s Island, SC, because they’re afraid of what this might cost them, but getting help when needed is wise.Issues have a way of getting worse, so if you notice the following signs, call a professional:

  • A slow-draining sink could be a sign something is wrong.
  • If you notice low water pressure, there could be a clog that a good plumber in Sullivan’s Island, SC, can take care of.
  • Backflow problems are not good, and it can ruin your day and belongings, not to mention this type of water has a foul smell.
  • If you start to hear gurgling from the toilet, then there could be a problem.
  • Sometimes, the issue is that you’re simply not getting hot water no matter how long you wait.
  • If the pipes burst, this is a sign that you need help.
  • If you notice a leak somewhere, this needs to be addressed unless you don’t mind high water bills and hurting the environment.
  • If the toilet won’t stop running, this is another reason to call.
  • A soggy basement could be a sign of a leaky pipe somewhere that you can’t see. It could be a weatherproofing problem as well, but it’s best to have a plumber check it out.

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