Many homeowners try to do repairs and odd jobs around the home to save money. There are some things that shouldn’t be left to chance or inexperienced DIY enthusiasts. One of the main things that should spark a call to a professional is any sort of plumbing problem especially if it seems to keep happening. Here are some of the top reasons to call for an experienced plumber in James Island, SC.

Stubborn Drain Clogs or Slow Drains That Keep Getting Worse

Now some homeowners do not consider a clogged drain in the house to be anything difficult to fix. However, pipes can be a challenge for the untrained individual. Even accurately diagnosing a plumbing problem is next to impossible without the proper plumbing equipment and the knowledge on how to use that equipment as well. Putting chemicals down the drains can backfire. Call in a professional plumber right away.

Sewer Backups in the Crawlspace or Lower Floor

Sewer systems can also become clogged with debris that gets dragged down the drain with the water. Over time, the drain hole itself will likely collect dirt, rocks, sludge, twigs, fallen leaves and garbage left behind by humans. Sewer water is considered contaminated and a serious risk to health. The right PPE must be worn, and barriers built to keep from cross contamination throughout the house.

A Broken Water or Sewer Pipe Is an Emergency

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