Staying comfortable in hot weather can be done by ensuring your AC system is running smoothly. Utilizing a company that offers repairs, tune-ups, and installations when you require air conditioning services in Isle of Palms is an excellent way to handle these services. They have highly skilled technicians who are experienced and knowledgeable in servicing these types of systems. In addition, you can follow these DIY tips below.

Changing Filters is Crucial

Keeping the air filters clean on your AC unit is important to ensure it is circulating air correctly. During warm summer months, you may want to change them monthly. Having the coils on your AC unit cleaned regularly can also be helpful. If you’re unsure how to perform this task, you may want to seek the advice of a reliable HVAC company.

Keeping the Area Around Your Unit Clean is Important 

Ensuring you keep the area around your AC unit clean is also essential. If any bushes or plants are growing next to your unit providing air conditioning in Isle of Palms, you want to make sure they get cut back and trimmed to allow for proper airflow. Making sure this is done periodically is essential to have your unit running smoothly.

Closing Windows and Doors

Another important tip to follow is making sure you close the windows and doors in your home when running an AC unit. Doing so helps it run efficiently and not work too hard. Keeping ceiling fans operating at the same time can help circulate air as well. If you’d like to learn more about working with your AC unit effectively or need assistance, visit Smoak’s Comfort Control.