There are some plumbing problems that you can repair on your own. Depending on your skill level, those issues can range from clearing a clogged pipe to fixing a simple leak. However, there are more complicated issues that require the expertise of a plumber in Mount Pleasant, SC. Here are a few common problems that require the services of a professional.

Burst Pipe

While it’s not a common occurrence, there are times when major lines in your plumbing system will burst. As a result, there will be a steady flow of water leaking into your home. Before calling a plumber, you should shut off the water flow to that pipe by turning a ball valve or knob to the off position. If you can’t find the right valve, you may have to shut off all the water to your home.

No Water

Before calling a plumber, you should verify that no water is getting to your home. Check the cold and hot water at each faucet to ensure it’s not a problem with your hot water heater. If you’re still not getting any water, there could be a burst pipe underground or at your water meter.

No Hot Water

If you have tried to light your pilot light and it won’t stay lit, this may indicate a gas leak. You should pay attention to an unusual odor in the home in that situation. If you do suspect a gas leak, call a plumber in Mount Pleasant, SC, immediately. Turn off the gas to the home and vacate the residence until your plumber arrives.

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