Having DIY skills is great for some household repair jobs, but others need highly-trained professionals. Homeowners who need air conditioning repair in Mt. Pleasant, SC or any of the following problems should call Smoak’s Comfort Control.

Air Conditioner is Emitting Strange Smells

Cooling systems shouldn’t smell bad. If it smells like the unit is burning, stop using the air conditioning and call for service. One culprit could be wiring that needs to get fixed immediately.

Another odor that might occur is the smell of mildew. AC units that emit this smell probably have moisture inside of them. HVAC professionals know the potential causes of these issues and how fix them.

Higher Than Normal Utility Bills

When utility bills climb higher and higher, don’t blame the summer heat. A well-maintained air conditioner won’t make utility bills skyrocket overnight. Yet, an air conditioner with mechanical issues will. The best thing to do is to call for service to find out what’s going on with the air conditioning unit. Our team can make the necessary adjustments to help keep utility bills in check. We can also help protect its lifespan.

Air Conditioner is Making Loud Noises

Is the air conditioner making a grinding or high-pitched sound? If so, the issue could be a bad belt. A professional should be called to inspect the unit and all its mechanical parts. Loud noises aren’t normal and should never be ignored.

Homeowners that are in need of air conditioning repair in Mt. Pleasant, SC or other heating and cooling services, contact Smoak’s Comfort Control online at https://www.smoakscomfort.com today!