Did your children wake up in the middle of a cold winter night complaining that it is too cold in their room? Did you get up and check the thermostat and find it strange that it has already been set to a comfortable setting? Are you now finding that certain areas in your home have cold spots and are wondering what you can do to resolve these issues? If so, then here are two things to check to help you determine the cause of cold spots in your home.

Air Ducts

One thing you should consider checking are the air ducts around your home, especially in areas where the cold spots are present. Your air ducts may have built-up debris which may be causing an obstruction that may cause damage to your system.

Air Filters

Another thing to check is your HVAC system’s air filters. If you have not cleaned or replaced the air filters, then this may be another reason why there are cold spots present in your children’s room and throughout your home. Clean or replace your air filters immediately to help resolve cold spots issues.

The Professionals Who Can Help Resolve Your HVAC Issues

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