Charleston heating and air companies do a lot for their clients. Not only do they respond to emergency service calls, but they also help homeowners make smart choices with installing new HVAC units. Here are some of the ways these experts put their knowledge to work for their customers.

Make Recommendations for Improving Indoor Air Quality

According to some studies, people spend up to 90% of their time indoors in their homes. Due to recent COVID-19 health concerns, most individuals are spending even more time indoors than ever before. That means it’s important to protect indoor air quality and remove as many contaminants as possible. Heating and air companies perform indoor air quality tests and help homeowners determine what steps to take to make the air cleaner. They might suggest changing filter types or brands or recommend air purification systems like whole-house air purifiers or single-room air cleaners.

Maintain HVAC Equipment

One of the surest ways to avoid emergency HVAC repair is to keep the system maintained. Many heating and air contractors have maintenance packages to make it easy to stay on track. These packages are budget-friendly and often include perks such as priority scheduling and discounts on repairs. There’s no excuse not to stay on top of HVAC maintenance when professionals are on your side.

Emergency Service Calls

Sometimes, no matter what one does, the heating or air goes out. If this happens, households don’t want to wait for repairs. That’s why Charleston heating and air companies work after hours at nights, weekends, and holidays to fix problems fast.

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