Many circumstances require the expertise of experienced plumbers in Charleston, SC. From clearing drains to replacing a sewer or drain line, plumbers do a variety of work. Here are three times it’s always a good idea to place a call to a licensed plumber.

1. Home Remodeling Jobs

Whether one is adding a bathroom, doing a kitchen renovation, or adding an outdoor kitchen, hiring a licensed plumber is always a good call. New plumbing installation and plumbing relocations aren’t DIY jobs. These jobs require the expertise of professionals. In fact, most municipalities require licensed plumbers to handle these jobs. Homeowners who skip hiring a plumber can’t pull permits and end up facing municipal fees and other penalties.

2. Sewage Problems

When sewage problems strike, tried-and-true drain cleaning methods don’t work. Snaking a drain or plunging a toilet isn’t going to fix the problem. Sewer issues such as collapsed pipes, misaligned pipes, and deep clogs need the attention of sewer experts. Fixing an issue of this magnitude requires special equipment and, sometimes, heavy machinery to get to the sewer pipe in the ground.

3. Emergency Situations

Not all plumbing problems are emergencies, but those that fall in this category should be handled by licensed plumbers. Households that experience any of the following need an emergency plumber:

  • Raw sewage in drains
  • Burst pipes
  • Low water pressure
  • Gas leaks

Hiring a licensed plumber in Charleston, SC might cost more upfront, but it saves more money over the long run.

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