Some home repair jobs don’t fit into the DIY category, and this includes plumbing repairs. Messing with one’s plumbing system without proper knowledge, tools, and equipment can cause bigger problems. Here are some repairs that should always be given to an expert plumber in Summerville, SC.

1. Leaky Pipes

Many people have plumber’s tape or putty in their toolboxes, but these products aren’t permanent solutions. They’re used to stop small leaks temporarily until a plumber can get on the scene. Leaky pipes cause serious water damage fast, so don’t hesitate to call a plumber as soon as possible.

2. Water Heater Produce Boiling Water

Water heaters deliver hot water, but it shouldn’t come straight out of the faucet boiling hot. If this happens, the water heater needs servicing. Even tankless water heaters shouldn’t produce boiling water from the get-go. A plumber should check the appliance for sediment build-up and other problems that cause overheating.

3. Gaseous Odors in the Home

Any time the nauseating smell of gas is present in the home, it’s cause for concern. If a gas leak is suspected, a plumber can repair the line. Keep in mind the plumber might require the homeowner to call the gas company to confirm a gas leak and mark its location.

4. Raw Sewage Backs Up in Drains

Raw sewage in toilets and other drains is never a welcomed sight. When this happens, there’s a clog or break in the sewer line that needs to be fixed.

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