Preventing plumbing clogs is essential for keeping the plumbing system in your home operating efficiently. Clogs in the plumbing system can quickly turn disastrous and cause wastewater to back up into the house. When this happens, it can become a disgusting and expensive repair job. Instead of dealing with this issue, there are several things homeowners can do to ensure that they minimize the chance of plumbing clogs.

1. Never Put Grease Down a Drain Line

It is essential never to put grease down a drain line. After grease cools down and solidifies, it will create a clog in the drain. This clog may be small at first, but over time will become a bigger and more expensive issue to fix.

2. Never Flush Anything Down the Toilet

Never flush anything down the toilet that is not supposed to be flushed. Plumbers see many calls for plumbing repairs in Charleston, SC, and the surrounding areas, caused by “flushable wipes” and toys. These include food, diapers, baby wipes, feminine products, paper towels and tissues, dental floss, contact lenses, cotton rounds, cotton swabs, cotton pads, q-tips, and medications.

3. Never Use Chemical Drain Cleaners

Chemical drain cleaners are bad news and can cause damage to the drain system. They use heat to break up clogs, and this heat can cause damage to the drain lines.

4. Use Strainers

Homeowners should use a sink strainer to prevent dirt, hair, food, and other particles from going down the drain. These relatively inexpensive devices can help homeowners avoid plumbing repair in Charleston, SC.

If a homeowner does have a problem and needs plumbing repair in Charleston, SC, they should call Smoak’s Comfort Control. They can help no matter what kind of clog they have. Call or visit for more information.