Heating and cooling are essential parts of a comfortable, safe, and productive home and business. They play vital roles in year-round comfort and determine how well your house stays cool on hot summer days and warm during cool winter nights.

When you need to replace these home comfort systems, a Charleston, SC HVAC contractor has some requirements for an HVAC installation. Generally, there are certain expectations for what this project entails. Being prepared can help make this go as smoothly as possible.

Before the HVAC Replacement

Whether your HVAC system needs to be repaired or replaced, the heating and air conditioning contractor will inspect the system before making any recommendations. This process involves taking measurements of the area where they will install the new system.

Preparing for the HVAC Installation

Before the installation professionals arrive for the HVAC installation in your Charleston, SC home begins, move any furniture or valuables to a safe place away from the installation area. Doing this can help to save time and avoid potential damage to your property.

It is also good to cover anything unable to be moved to prevent dust buildup. Keep in mind that a complete HVAC installation can take up to an entire day and sometimes several days. The actual length of time depends on the job’s complexity and if it’s a complete system replacement.

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