Having a clogged drain can be a severe plumbing issue. Eventually, the clog can get so bad that it will cause the pipe to degrade and break down. This can lead to raw sewage backing up into the house and is not just a health hazard but also a bank hazard. The repair and cleanup of a clogged drain can cost money. This is why it is so important that homeowners pay attention to their drains and call a plumber in Charleston, SC, if they have a clogged drain.

Clogged Drain Signs

There are several signs of a clogged drain, and they include:

  • Noises. If someone hears a gurgling or weird noise coming from the drain, this is an indication that there is a clog. The gurgling is the water going around the clog.
  • Strange smells. If someone smells a septic smell or a smell similar to rotten eggs, this indicates a clog somewhere in the drain line.
  • Not draining. If a drain does not drain or drains slowly, there is a clog in the line.

How a Clogged Drain is Repaired

Some people may be tempted to reach for the chemical drain cleaner when a clogged drain is suspected. However, they should not use these as they can lead to damage to the drainpipes. A plumber in Charleston, SC, can help by using equipment to find where the drain is and then work to clean it out. To learn more, visit Smoak’s Comfort Control.