Air Conditioning Maintenance

Charleston AC Maintenance

HVAC systems are necessary to stay safe and comfortable in your home and business. Owners must ensure that their air conditioning receives routine preventative maintenance. Improper and lack of air conditioning maintenance can turn minor issues into major, more expensive problems.

To find a Charleston HVAC company that’s professional, honest, and dependable, you must do your research. Using your best judgment when making decisions can be a chore.

Why You Need to Maintain Your Air Conditioner

Most people know that you need to service your furnace, but that isn’t the only home comfort system in your home or business. Regular air conditioner maintenance can help your system run optimally and last longer.

You can think of your AC tune-up in similar terms to vehicle maintenance. You perform component checks, cleaning, oil changes, and care routines. All work together to make your car or truck more effective and reliable.

Air conditioner maintenance is very similar—air conditioning tune-ups include inspection, calibration, and diagnosis. Ensuring your system operates at the highest efficiency is essential. You’re protecting your investment and its performance and prevent future issues.

How Do You Know That Your AC Needs Maintenance?

When your air conditioning system begins to age, it wears out quicker and requires service more often. Preventing a total breakdown and having it serviced at the first sign of anomalies, like the ones listed below.

Poor Airflow

If you realize that your AC is blowing warm air or has inconsistent airflow, you might need to have it checked by an HVAC service professional. Poor airflow often results from a blockage, preventing air from moving through ductwork.

Insufficient airflow from your AC is a red flag that needs to be addressed immediately by a professional. Inconsistent airflow could also result from a faulty motor or a clogged air filter. If insufficient airflow becomes a rampant trend with your AC, you can decide to invest in an energy-recovery ventilator. These machines boost your AC by replacing the stale air with fresh air with each new cycle.

The AC could also benefit from zoning systems that ensure you get the right amount of airflow when it’s most needed.

Rising Power Bills

One of the most important reasons to service your AC is to keep your power bills down. Mismanaged ACs run inefficiently, which makes them consume more power than they should cool your home. As a result, if your power bills have been skyrocketing for no reason, having an HVAC expert look at your AC might be a good idea.

High Humidity

Besides cooling your home in summer, your air conditioner should keep the humidity levels low indoors. If your AC is having trouble doing this, something could be wrong with its internals.

These require you to make a maintenance appointment as soon as possible. An HVAC professional will diagnose the problem and offer an instant solution.

If the high humidity persists, you might find it helpful to buy a whole-house dehumidifier.

Strange Noises

As any engineer will tell you, it’s never a good sign when a machine makes more noise than it should. In the case of air conditioners, especially modern ones, they operate in silence to not get in the way of your comfort.

Some of the most reported noises in ACs are squealing and screeching. Something is wrong when this sound becomes unusual and loud enough to make a noise. The occasional hum or buzz in summer when the AC is overworking is typical.

Often this means that the belt inside has slipped off or is not connected securely. The best option is to contact an HVAC professional before any more damage occurs.

Unusual Activity by the AC

Has your AC ever started short cycling? Short cycling is where it switches itself unannounced as if it has a brain? Such unusual activity shows that there’s a problem with your system. An HVAC professional will diagnose and troubleshoot this problem.

Water Leaks

Your AC depends on refrigerant to keep your home cool. An active leak around your air conditioner indicates something is wrong. This liquid should be well-managed within the system, and there should be no leaks in your home.

A Bad Smell

Air conditioners should fill a room with fresh air, not an unbearable stench. So, if you notice an odor coming from the AC, there’s something wrong with it. If this is the case, it should be looked at as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts

Your air conditioning system is vital to your family’s comfort and your home’s value. Contact us online or via phone at (843) 556-9550 for more information or to schedule professional AC maintenance or AC tune-up services.