Geothermal Benefits

Geothermal System Benefits

Geothermal systems are just one of a variety of Smoak’s heating and cooling options available to your home or business. However, few offer tax incentives, rebates, comfort, and energy savings you can access through geothermal units.

✓ Benefit #1: Savings

Geothermal systems reduce your overall costs for heating and cooling by as much as 65% for larger homes or businesses, especially those currently using oil, propane, or electricity. You will take advantage of the earth’s natural heating and cooling capacity with geothermal systems. Rather than manufacturing new energy, you use an already existing, free, inexhaustible resource.

You can save on monthly heating and cooling costs when you trade your traditional HVAC system for a geothermal system. Add up the monthly savings over 12 months and look at a tremendous amount of money you can save or use for other purposes.

Furthermore, Smoak’s geothermal experts know how to help you take advantage of federal and state rebates and tax incentives for geothermal systems to help you achieve even more cost savings upfront.

✓ Benefit #2: Comfort

No one wants a home or business with cold pockets when it is supposed to be warm (or hot spots when it’s supposed to be cool) and inconsistent temperatures throughout the building. With a geothermal system, you can achieve a steady temperature to experience the ultimate in consistent comfort.

Rather than a traditional furnace with a switch that brings on a burst of hot air when the temperature goes below the thermostat setting, geothermal continually provides or removes the right amount of heat. This means you have fewer bursts of hot air and more overall comfort.

✓ Benefit #3: Better for the Environment

Our environment-conscious customers appreciate that geothermal systems offer a greener option for climate control. Expert studies have shown that installing geothermal units for an average home or business equates to taking two vehicles off the road. Not only does geothermal energy use a completely renewable resource that will never run out, but it also does not produce toxic emissions.

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