Tankless Water Heaters

Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters

Smoak’s Comfort Control brings our customers the latest home comfort technology throughout Charleston, SC. An efficient advancement in age-old luxury directly delivers an endless hot water supply on demand. Tankless Water Heaters eliminate the need to ration out times to shower to ensure no one gets left in the cold. Since tankless water heaters only warm water, as you need it, you will never run out of hot water ever again. As their name indicates, tankless heaters lack a storage tank, but what they don’t lack is efficiency. Without the need for a storage tank, these systems allow you to save money by only heating the water you need and not paying to heat water you aren’t using.

If you’re curious about the purchase and installation costs, remember that there are rebates or tax credits that will help make this an even more appealing option to any homeowner. Not just a way to save money on your bills each month, a tankless water heater will also add value to your home as an upgrade that you’ll enjoy every day. So, look at the options available – and contact us with any questions or schedule an appointment.

Luxury Series Tankless Water Heater

A non-condensing tankless system that was engineered with the increased demands of larger residences in mind, Luxury Series tankless heaters are available in 180,000, 192,000, and 199,000 BTU. With an energy factor of up to .82, you can’t go wrong by choosing a Luxury Series tankless water heater.
Model #: Varies

Ultra Series Tankless Water Heater

Engineered to be highly efficient, this water heater incorporates two heat exchangers, an internal bypass line, and isolation valves to provide the best in tankless heating. With a .96 energy factor and available in multiple sizes, an Ultra Series water heater is the right fit for your needs. Offered sizes include: 152,000, 180,000, and 199,000 BTU. 
Model #: Varies

Value Series Tankless Water Heater

Value Series tankless water heaters are affordable and easy to install. Coming in a variety of sizes from 120,000 to 180,000 BTU, Value Series tankless heaters can fit a variety of homes and needs. Compactly designed, Value Series tankless water heaters have an energy factor up to .82.
Model #: Varies