Air conditioning units and heating systems are imperative when your days spent in your home are unbearable due to heat or when winter nights become too cold for your comfort. Running your air conditioning in Charleston, SC during the ninety-degree summers can be miserable at best. Not only is the heat unpleasant but also the spike in your energy bill is going to make you want to rip your hair out. In the chilling winters, heaters can be excessively used which can also create a huge wave of expenses that you don’t need in your home or business. You have more important things to pay for even if that means spending a little something for yourself. But if you have to spend money on high energy bills then you can’t do any of that extra stuff and you’ll be stressing over money.

Our company, Smoak’s Comfort Control, is dedicated to bringing AC repair to Charleston, SC. We are located in West Ashley and carry over forty years of knowledge and experience. We bring repaired conditioned air to Charleston as well as other communities within South Carolina.

The reason we feel that we are the best company for air conditioner repair in Charleston, SC is because we know exactly how to treat every kind of maintenance problem as well as repair problems. We can handle all issues that involve various brands of air conditioning and heating units.

Smoak’s Air Conditioning Repair in Charleston, SC

It is important to get your air conditioning unit and heating unit services and evaluated before the winter and summer seasons begin. This way, your units will be functioning properly and you wont have to scramble and stress over finding the right company to repair your air conditioning in Charleston. Our company offers various services aside from repairing; we also provide installation, replacement, and maintenance for different brands of AC units and heating systems.

Our team is trained to install and design HVAC ducts so that they will meet cooling and heating requirements for your personal home. If you need work done within your business, then we can help you with that too; our technicians are qualified to install HVAC ducts to fit your ductwork needs.

When it comes to conditioned air in Charleston we are always trying our best to discover innovative ways for you to lower your expenses due to high energy bills. We want you to feel free to take the information you acquire from our company and pass them along to your clients and friends. All savings that you make because of our company, we want you to take it and help out your customers or family members.

We are a company that specializes in air conditioning repair in Charleston, SC that can provide quality, professional, and fast repair or installation services. Whether you need filtration, cooling, or heating services we will be there at any given time to help you get what you want at a price you can afford.

Smoak’s Service Technicians for Charleston Heating and Air

Our service technicians are permitted to handle your schedule as well as deal with any specific requirements for your property so that we can make sure our performance is free from hassle. We have dealt with various customers and properties over all the forty years we have been working, so we know exactly how to figure out certain needs your home or business may require. We want to make sure that everyone on your property receives the upmost amount of comfort when it comes to staying in your building or home. Our service technicians can bring you more than just air conditioning repair in Charleston and Mt. Pleasant, SC.

At Smoak’s Comfort Control we offer you and your business or home a 21-point heating or air conditioning unit tune-up. We can provide this service while the cooler months take place and give you a price that is thirty percent off of the summer price we offer. You are able to save money before the summer season rushes through by taking advantage of our offer. We permit you to bring us your opinion if other Charleston heating and air conditioning businesses do not come close to meeting your expectations. We will send someone from our company out to your home to determine what it needs in order to give you what you want we well as help you save money. We will not pressure you to purchase anything and we will not charge you for our visit or evaluation.

We enjoy the chance to meet you and get to know you as well as let you know exactly what level of quality we offer when you choose to work with Smoak’s Comfort Control. Our technicians will inform you that we can service and install all heat pumps, air conditioners, air handlers, furnaces, humidifiers, thermostats, air filters, air cleaners, and various other products.

We guarantee that you will receive high quality service due to our technicians’ experience and familiarity with HVAC systems and units. Each unit that our technicians install and service is assured to be top of the notch quality. Along with installation we will inform you that we also offer services such as part and unit replacement, system repair, and preventative maintenance of over eighty different brands of cooling and heating systems.

Smoak’s staff and employees are resourceful and friendly; we make sure that every team member passes a drug test and extensive background check before hiring him or her for the job. We want you to feel comfortable with them in your business or home. We guarantee you will have the best experience with our staff because they have the knowledge to service your HVAC system and figure out what’s wrong and what needs to happen next. Contact our team today and find the answers to your questions.