Homeowners benefit from preventive HVAC maintenance by avoiding the need for major repairs, and now you can save even more by bundling them into maintenance agreements. Save on visit costs and get advantages of being a Smoak’s loyal customer by enrolling in a Comfort Control Plan.

Here are just a few of the benefits you get by becoming a member:

Prevent operational problems

During an annual inspection, our NATE-certified technician will cover every inch of your heating unit looking for signs of extreme wear. Red flags will be addressed early, before a breakdown leaves you to freeze during the winter’s worst weather.

Schedule any repairs during convenient times

When you’re addressing these repairs ahead of time, you have the option of fitting in appointments where they work best with your schedule. You don’t have to miss work or important family events because of malfunctioning HVAC equipment.

Optimize your heating

One of the biggest benefits of these inspections are the adjustments technicians make to improve system performance. Moving parts are tightened and then lubed. Dirty parts are thoroughly cleaned. Drain lines are cleared too, so your system puts all of its resources toward keeping your home comfortable.

Lower your bills

Because your HVAC equipment doesn’t have to use energy to combat resistance like dirty filters, you wind up using less energy to heat your home. This leads to reduced monthly bills and a furnace you can count on to last as long as possible.

By preventing major breakdowns, reducing the overall strain on your unit and extending the life of your system, maintenance agreements pose a huge return on your investment. Enroll today by calling Smoak’s Comfort Control at 843-556-9550 or contact us online today.