Light commercial HVAC services aim to fix problems found primarily in offices. While residential homes have issues with indoor air quality, business spaces tend to have more of them, along with a long list of regulations to follow. Call in specialists who understand these responsibilities and have access to the most effective solutions available.

Improving the air quality at your business takes just a few steps:

Evaluate your indoor air.

Hire a professional HVAC service to assess your indoor air quality. This will give you the best idea of what issues you’re dealing with on-site. From cleaning solutions to manufacturing gas-off, Smoak’s Comfort Control will identify the problems you need to address the most.

Clear out or contain contaminants.

Once you know the materials causing the most problems for your business, you’re all set to take the steps needed to contain them. Some of them can be moved off-site or to outdoor areas. In other instances, our air control experts can install or recommend the equipment capable of making the most difference for the lowest cost.

Ventilate trouble areas.

Whether it’s needed on your factory floor or in the copy room, we will provide appropriate ventilation to clear out contaminants and leave you with clean, refreshed indoor air. This doesn’t just help the air quality in locations with ventilators. Removing harmful particles prevents them from flowing to common work spaces.

Use high-quality air purifiers.

For areas with existing contaminants incapable of being ventilated, air purifiers work overtime to eradicate pollutants and sterilize the air. Industrial-sized units are often used in manufacturing areas to prevent fumes from harming workers and to maintain workplace standards.

Schedule light commercial services with Smoak’s Comfort Control today, and enjoy higher quality indoor air on the job. Not only will this protect your employees and clients, but it will help you meet industry regulations. Contact us online or call 843-556-9550 to schedule an appointment.