If you have noticed traces of mold and mildew in your commercial space vents, you’ve got a serious problem growing. Specialized light commercial services are your best chance to prevent matters from getting worse and losing your customers’ appreciation.

No one likes grimy, neglected-looking commercial spaces. A building that’s not maintained well simply can’t inspire a sense of professionalism and excellence. If you’ve got a mold problem, that is where your business is heading, if you do not do something about it.

You have invested time, effort, money and hopes in your business, so you cannot just sit back and watch everything go to waste because mold takes over your space. Before figuring out the best solution to your problem, you have to find its roots. Mildew is usually a sign of improper ventilation and moisture buildup. These conditions create a favorable environment for unsightly green gunk that requires almost daily cleaning. Instead of spending a fortune on cleaning products and equipment, you can eliminate the source of the problem. This can be accomplished in three simple steps:

Main Mildew Causes and the Best Commercial Solutions

Improve Air Ventilation.

This means replacing the warm and moist air indoors with cool fresh outdoor air. It can be achieved by repairing and upgrading the existing systems or by installing new fans or more complex ventilation systems.

Install UV Lights in the Return Vents and the Air Exchange System.

They will eliminate mildew spores and prevent their spreading. The air will smell cleaner and mildew spread will be slowed down.

Install a Dehumidification System.

If the moisture level in the building is too high, mold can still appear. You can prevent it by lowering moisture levels with the help of a dedicated system.

Don’t Let Mold Win! Hire Professional Commercial HVAC Services!

Identifying the right solutions for your commercial space is not easy, and choosing from the numerous systems available can be overwhelming. You will need them installed or repaired anyway, so why not get professional help from the beginning and see your mildew problems become history in no time!

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