For one of the most energy-efficient and affordable heating and air conditioning solutions, look no further than a ductless split system. These compact units can help you save space, money, and energy, all while giving you the year-round comfort you need for your home.

Save Energy with Ductless Mini-Split System Heating and Air Conditioning

According to, you can save 20%-50% of your air conditioning energy use by installing a high-efficiency solution like a ductless split system. This system is much smaller than a traditional unit, meaning less power usage. Combined with heat pumps, it delivers comfortable air directly into the room where you need it most. This ensures the highest efficiency and means much less cost in monthly bills.

Stop Wasting Money by Heating and Cooling Unused Rooms

One of the biggest problems with traditional duct heating and air conditioning systems is that you can’t control where the heated or cooled air goes. If you want to heat or cool one of your rooms, you have to do so for all of them.

A split system allows you to create zones that you can heat or cool as needed. If you have rooms or areas of your home that are unoccupied, you don’t have to waste energy and money controlling the temperature there.

Enjoy the Perks that Come with This Heating and Air Conditioning Solution

Along with lower utility bills each month, you may also be able to take advantage of tax credits or utility rebates when you install a ductless split system. Federal and state governments like to encourage homeowners to promote energy efficiency in their properties, which is just one more great reason to consider this solution.

​A ductless split system is the right answer for reducing your energy consumption and utility bills. Contact the premier heating and air conditioning experts at Smoak’s Comfort Control to save money and take control of your energy bills today.