Plumbing vents may be something you are unfamiliar with, but they are necessary in any home for a variety of reasons. Almost all plumbing fixtures need to have vents. The only exception are floor drains.

What Do Plumbing Vents Do?

Plumbing vents are in place to help draw air from the pipes. When a pipe does not have air drawn from it, it can create a vacuum effect or cause low pressure. This results in slower moving pipes and the waste running through the pipes will not flow as well.

Plumbing Vents Help Gravity Do Its Work

Your plumbing will move liquid and some solid waste through your home through the use of gravity. Along with solids and liquids, air gets in there as well. While the air moves up, the rest moves down with the force of gravity.

Where Are Plumbing Vents Placed?

Plumbing vents are typically placed in the attic of a home and attached to each other. This allows for the air to rise to the top and escape from the plumbing in your home.

Help with Smells

Not only do plumbing vents help get the waste out of your home in a more efficient way but they also help to get and keep the smells out of your home. By helping the waste move through the home, the smells are not allowed to linger and cause bad odors in the home.

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