Low flow toilets are becoming popular across the country. Families that live in regions with water restrictions, people on a budget who want to reduce their utility bills and environmentally conscious homeowners are all adopting these bathroom fixtures. Why? Because they offer many advantages for a relatively small initial investment.

Benefit 1: Water Conservation

Standard toilets can account for 30% of a household’s monthly water bill. Low flow toilets typically use less than 2 gallons per flush, making them 3x more efficient. Dual-flush toilets stand in the middle, using roughly half the amount of water of a traditional toilet.

Benefit 2: Environmental Sustainability

The average person flushes six times a day. For older toilets, this means about 35 gallons of water daily. Compare that to under 10 gallons for low flow toilets. The water savings the come with using a low flow toilet are good for the environment and your wallet. For additional ‘green points’, have your toilet connected to a ‘grey water’ system. This will reduce pressure on public water treatment plants, which is better for the environment in the long run.

Benefit 3: Ease of Installation and Cost

The best part of low flow toilets is that they are no more complicated than a regular toilet to install. The only difference between these two types of bathroom fixtures are the inside mechanics. Low-flow toilets’ size and connectors are all the same. Additionally, the price tag on a low flow is usually comparable to or only slightly higher than a regular-flow toilet.

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