Like any other equipment, HVAC systems can breakdown. When your home HVAC system needs a repair, it can be an inconvenience. But when your business HVAC system breaks down, it affects your productivity as well as your cash flow. At the least, it’s a huge interruption to your work, and some repairs can shut down your business until they’re fixed. That’s why you need a commercial maintenance agreement.

Catch Problems Before They Start

With a commercial maintenance agreement, we schedule regular visits to your business location. While there, we check the operation of your unit, catching any small issues before they become big problems.

Schedule for Your Convenience

When you have a maintenance agreement, you can choose when we perform our service. We work around your business needs for your convenience.

You’re a Priority

Commercial maintenance agreement customers are also the number one priority, so when there is a problem, you’re top of the list for quick repair. We always strive to give fast, efficient service to all our customers, but those with a maintenance agreement get special attention.

Cost Savings

Repair bills can be expensive. A maintenance agreement includes a 15 percent discount on HVAC and plumbing repairs, which is one of the fastest and easiest ways to save money.

No Overtime Charges

On top of the 15 percent discount, you’ll never experience overtime charges for our emergency service.

If you have more questions about our commercial maintenance agreements or would like to schedule your first tune-up, contact Smoak’s today!