If you’re suffering from inconsistent office temperatures, a commercial services visit from an HVAC professional may be in your future. Below are a few suggestions you can implement on your own to fix uneven indoor temperatures:

Use More Than One Thermostat

Inconsistent temperatures are often the result of having only one thermostat. This means the heater or air conditioner turns on or off based on a single temperature reading in only one part of your office. However, it’s unlikely that you have a steady temperature throughout the entire building. For example, the entrance is probably closer to the outside temperature than the middle of the office. Or a second floor might be warmer than the first floor since hot air rises.

One way to remedy this inconsistent indoor temperature is with a zoned HVAC system. In a zoned system, there are multiple thermostats and independent ductwork systems that can deliver warm or cool air to specific areas of a building. For example, when the temperature rises in one area, your zoned HVAC system can cool just that area without making other parts of the office too cold.​

Use a Programmable Thermostat

Sometimes the early morning hours in an office can be the most uncomfortable. When the first employees arrive in the office, the heater or air conditioner gets turned on, but it won’t instantaneously warm or cool the office.

You can address this by using a programmable thermostat. Set the temperature back at night when no one is at the office. But before the first employees arrive, program the thermostat to reach a more comfortable indoor temperature. This allows the first employees to enjoy comfort without having to wait for it.

Use Window Shades

Portions of your office could be warmer than other parts because of heating from the sun. To stop this overheating, consider blocking some of the sunlight from entering through the windows. You can use curtains, shades or blinds to block much of the sun’s heat energy that passes through the window during the day.

If some of these suggestions catch your attention and you’d like more information about them, it’s time to contact our commercial services team at Smoak’s Comfort Control.