Becoming a new homeowner can be very exciting, so it’s understandable if a few mistakes take place, especially when not enrolling in maintenance agreements.

​When moving into a new home, it can be easy to decide to forego routine maintenance, especially of the likes provided through maintenance agreements. We’ve identified some of the more common mistakes new homeowners make that are easy to avoid:

Mistake #1: Turning off the HVAC Unit When on Vacation

When the home is empty, it seems like a waste of money to keep the heater or air conditioner running, especially for multiple days and weeks when on vacation. Depending on the season when the vacation takes place and how long the trip will last, this can be a cost effective strategy to use.

But in most cases, this not good for your home. Turning off the system can lead to excessive humidity or cold. This can then result in warped floors or frozen pipes. So before leaving for vacation, keep your heater or air conditioner on, but feel free to adjust the temperature a few degrees so the HVAC unit runs a little less often while you’re gone.

Mistake #2: Not Maintaining the HVAC System

Air conditioners and heaters need regular maintenance to function reliably. When they’re working properly, it’s easy to ignore them. But if you do this, you risk having them fail at the worst possible time or need replacing earlier than necessary.

The best way to periodically maintain your HVAC unit is to enroll in one of the many available maintenance agreements. These special plans provide for a skilled HVAC professional to visit your home once or twice a year to look over your HVAC unit and take care of maintenance tasks, such as lubricating bearings, replacing air filters and checking the wiring.

Mistake #3: Not Changing Air Filters

Air filters are important because they keep your indoor air clean. Not only is this good for your health, but it can help make your HVAC’s air handler last longer because it doesn’t have to worry about dust messing with its electronics and moving parts.

To learn how to enroll in maintenance agreements and to find out more about their benefits, contact our team Smoak’s Comfort Control today.