Zoned HVAC systems require commercial services for installation and setup. As a result, the increased performance of your HVAC will lead to much more comfort for employees. Below are two significant ways your employees will be more comfortable with a zoned heating and cooling system at their place of business:

#1 Avoid Hot and Cold Spots in the Office

Without zoning, an HVAC system is trying to provide even heating or cooling for an entire building. This is very hard to do with one thermostat and an HVAC system that will only heat or cool the entire building at once. For example, the thermostat in the wintertime could be at 70 degrees. When it detects a temperature drop to 69 degrees, it activates the heater. But that doesn’t mean it is 69 degrees in the entire building.

It could be 65 degrees near the entrance and 72 degrees on the top floor. So before the heater kicks on, you have a hot sport upstairs and a cold spot near the entrance. Then when the heater turns on, you’ll still probably have the hot and cold spot. The entrance may be at 66 or 67 degrees while the upstairs gets even warmer, say 74 degrees.

A zoned HVAC system avoids this by allowing the heater or air conditioner to change the temperature of only one area at a time. So in the above example, if you had a zoned system, only the heater for the entrance area would turn on, avoiding overheating the upstairs.

#2 Allow Tailored Temperature Settings

Because the HVAC system has different zones of heating or cooling, you can provide a tailored temperature setting for different floors or areas. If there are employees that like it extra warm downstairs, but those upstairs want it a little cooler, you can have two different temperature settings. Now, it can be cooler upstairs and warmer downstairs. This allows everyone to get the temperature setting they find most comfortable.

Zoned HVAC systems are a convenient and smart way to use commercial services to improve the comfort of the individuals working in your office. For more information about a zoned system, contact our team of experts at Smoak’s Comfort Control by calling 843-556-9550.