Maintenance agreements are great at taking care of routine maintenance tasks, such as replacing your air filter.

One of the key tasks of maintenance agreements is to take care of routine maintenance issues. The most common deals with your HVAC’s air filter. The reason practically every maintenance contract will address the air filter is because it’s such an easy and cheap way to get the most out of your heater or air conditioner. But why is this so? Read on to find out.

Improved Energy Efficiency

When an air filter needs replacing, it’s because it can no longer effectively remove particles from the air. When this happens, the air filter not only allows unwanted particles like dust and hair to flow through your home or office, but it also restricts the flow of air through your ductwork. This leads to a harder-working air handler. The air handler is what pushes the air through the HVAC system. With a dirty air filter, it has to use more electricity to blow the same amount of air through the system.

Cleaner Indoor Air

A dirty air filter can’t clean your indoor air for two main reasons. First, it can’t catch and hold onto as many floating air particles. Secondly, because of the reduced air flow, the air filter has less of an opportunity to scrub the air clean. Less air flowing through the air filter means fewer potential particles to filter out.

Better Performance with Less Energy

A dirty air filter will never allow as much air to flow through as a clean one. Therefore, when an air filter gets dirty, you’ll get less cool or warm air from your HVAC system. Without realizing it, you may set your thermostat to a lower or higher temperature to get it to run more often to keep you warm or cool. This leads to higher energy use.

To discover more about the benefits of maintenance agreements, consider contacting Smoak’s Comfort Control before your air filter needs replacing or cleaning.