HVAC maintenance agreements prevent midsummer meltdowns.

Maintenance agreements help air conditioners avoid breakdowns during Charleston’s intense summer heat. Anything you can do to reduce the stress helps your unit perform better for less money. It also extends the life of your system, so you get more for every dollar you invest in installation or replacement and repairs. Unfortunately, home and business owners who skip preventive maintenance might suffer a summer meltdown.

Here are three things to check before you schedule a repair visit with Smoak’s Comfort Control:

1. Electricity

As ridiculous as it sounds, sometimes the issue is as simple as your unit receiving enough electricity. Check the fuse or breaker associated with your HVAC components. Also, check to make sure the thermostat operates as expected.

2. Filter

Changing an HVAC filter is something most any home or business owner can do. Replace filters every one to three months. Specialty filters might last longer or be reusable. It’s possible for a clogged filter to reduce airflow to the point where the AC stops working effectively — or at all.

3. Weeds

An air conditioner typically has an outdoor cabinet containing the condenser, compressor, fan and electrical components. Just as a dirty filter can impede airflow, so can weeds and other debris surrounding your exterior unit. Trim vegetation from around your AC and hose it down to clear away weeds and grass clippings.

Maintenance agreements get your air conditioner up and running for summertime heat. They take care of many problems capable of creating surprise breakdowns. Talk to someone at Smoak’s Comfort Control to enroll in the Comfort Control Plan today.