Why are your heating and air conditioning bills out of control?

Upgrade the components of your heating and air conditioning system to enjoy the utmost in comfort, convenience and energy efficiency. Just knowing the latest and greatest gadgets isn’t enough to keep your bills low. You also have to put them to good use.

Watch out for these three costly mistakes homeowners make with the thermostat:

Mistake 1. Not Setting the Thermostat for Comfort

What use is a home heating and cooling system if you’re barely going to use it? Too many homeowners are overzealous when it comes to saving on energy. They refuse to turn on the AC until the house is a hot, sticky mess. The result is a system that needs to work twice as hard to bring the house back to bearable conditions.

Mistake 2. Not Using Humidity Control

Just like it feels hotter outdoors when there’s more moisture in the air, it feels hotter inside when there’s more humidity in the air too. If your thermostat and HVAC system have a humidity control feature, make sure you use it! Don’t be afraid of new features. Your humidity levels should stay between 30 and 60 percent to deliver an HVAC boost.

Mistake 3. Neglecting to Use the Programmable Features

Roughly 90 percent of homeowners never bother learning how to program their thermostats. They miss out on years of energy savings. Make sure you learn how to adjust the temp on a schedule, for instance, when everyone heads to work or falls asleep. New digital thermostats make it even easier to tweak the temperature from anywhere with Wi-Fi capabilities.

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