How can you make sure your maintenance agreements help your budget stay balanced? 

Maintenance agreements are a simple way to save on seasonal heating and cooling inspections. The features involved depend on the company through which you enroll.

You can stay on top of your plan benefits and get the most value possible with these three easy to use tools:

1) Centriq

Taking home organization to the next level with Centriq. Categorize tasks, like changing your furnace filter, and make it as easy as possible by snapping a photo of the exact filter you need or linking it to a place you can purchase it locally or online. Organize by room or by home, so keeping track on rentals, a summer home or the home of a relative is easy as pie.

2) HomeSavvy

This app is best suited for those who enjoy taking care of most of their home’s maintenance on their own. From covering the exterior AC unit before winter to changing the lawnmower’s oil in spring, you’ll always stay on top of your home’s maintenance, including everything needed to keep your HVAC system in tip-top shape.

3) Google Calendar

If you’re used to scheduling meetings and other responsibilities, consider setting time aside in your calendar (literally!) for calling Smoak’s Comfort Control for spring and fall maintenance. Putting this off is the worst thing you can do for your bills. Ignoring basic maintenance can also shorten the life of your heating and cooling system.

With the busy lives people lead, it’s not surprising when home maintenance tasks go ignored. It’s just so easy to forget about them! Stay on top of your responsibilities and reap the rewards with help from the above mobile applications.

Enroll in one of our maintenance agreements today and save big on fall and spring inspections. Contact our team at Smoak’s today to learn more.​