With winter just a few months away, homeowners should make sure their HVAC system is running properly. Don’t wait for winter to arrive before getting your HVAC a good once over with a heating and air conditioning professional. Follow these three steps to make sure your HVAC system is functioning properly.

Clean the Filters

HVAC units work harder during the winter months, and it’s important to make sure your equipment is running at full power. A clean air filter can make a major difference in how well your system is working.

Charleston heating and air experts recommend checking your filters often (and replacing them when necessary) to keep your HVAC system running smoothly.

Work with a Professional

One of your best and least expensive ways to protect your HVAC system is to work with a Charleston heating and air professional who can inspect it and determine if there’s any weaknesses. Find expert technicians to service your system at a reasonable price. By performing maintenance, a technician will be able to make recommendations on how to best prepare for the coming winter.

Grease the Parts

Keep your HVAC system in top shape by making sure all its moving parts are properly lubricated. This is an essential part of any HVAC tune-up, which you should schedule with a professional twice a year. These professionals will inspect each part of your system at this time to ensure they’re moving freely, and everything is in good working condition.

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