Clogged drains happen all the time even when households are careful about what gets flushed or rinsed. Recurring blockages aren’t only annoying, but they’re often a sign of a larger plumbing issue. That’s why it’s always a good idea to call for plumbing services in Charleston, SC, when clogged drains become an issue.

The Clog is Too Deep

Plunging won’t do a thing to relieve a clog that’s deep within the pipe. Common household drain snakes won’t do the trick either. In a situation like this, you must call for professional drain cleaning services. Plumbers have commercial drain augers or drain snakes that can reach deeper and breaker up the blockage.

The Sewer Line is Damaged

A damaged sewer line can make it difficult for water to drain. All the water that leaves the house goes through the sewer pipe. If the pipe is broken, has tree roots growing in it, or if it has collapsed, drainage is affected. A plumber must conduct a sewer inspection to determine if this is the problem.

The Pipes Were Installed Incorrectly

A situation like this is common in newer homes. People move into their brand-new house and can’t figure out why their toilets and sinks release water slowly. When the problem proves not to be a clog, the next thing to consider is bad plumbing installation.

Any time drainage issues remain unresolved by plunging or snaking, people need to turn to plumbers in Charleston, SC. For honest and dependable plumbing services, contact the family-owned and operated company Smoak’s Comfort Control online at